If you’d like to experience more calm and contentment in your life through the practice of Mindfulness, this is the perfect course for you.

I teach an informal, engaging, highly practical class from my home in Ascot.  You will be welcomed as part of a small group (maximum 6) and each week you will learn the brain-science behind mindfulness and a new meditation technique to practice at home.

 Throughout the 6 weeks, we will cover:

Week 1 - Living on Autopilot:
We explore how much of our thoughts, beliefs, reactions and behaviours occur without any real consciousness.  We will discover the immediate benefits of becoming more mindful.
 Week 2 - Exploring Perception
We begin to delve more deeply into how our perception is often shaped by automated (mindless) thinking, and that being more mindful about our thoughts can smash open limiting beliefs.
Week 3 – The Two Brains
We peer under the hood of the brain to discover that there is a primitive part of the brain that is programmed to be rather paranoid!  We learn how to think from the more rational part of the brain to reduce stress and feel happier every day.
Week 4 - The Great Illusion
We realise that our thoughts are not facts, and that we always have a choice whether to invest in them or not.
Week 5 - Cultivating Compassion
We will learn that practising active compassion fortifies the human brain and quietens the stressed-out mind.
Week 6 - Mindfulness Forever
We will reflect on how we have incorporated everything we learned into our own daily mindfulness practice, and how we plan to make it last a lifetime.

The 6 Week Course costs £145. 

To book call Jacqui on 07880 703040

Or email: Jacqui@themindfulnessschool.com

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Mindfulness training for business, for schools, for life.

Mindfulness Classes in Ascot Sl5

Tuesday mornings at 10am

Thursday evenings at 6.45pm

To book a place, email Jacqui@themindfulnessschool.com

Or call: 07880 703040

Mindfulness Top-Up Classes

Wednesday mornings at 10.00am

These classes are perfect for anyone who has completed the six week course and would like a mindfulness top-up.  Or if you have never experienced mindfulness before and would like to try it... come and join us!

To book a place, email Jacqui@themindfulnessschool.com

Or call: 07880 703040